General Control of Evaluation of the Portuguese Language for other’s language speakers, based on the European Common Framework of reference for Languages.

A1, A2 (Beginners, Level1).


This is a general, basic level of Portuguese with a limited communication based on daily concepts and activities. In reaching the A2, the student will have the ability to interact in daily situation that requires limited knowledge of the Portuguese Language ( in terms of vocabulary, syntax, and grammar). This level is the required level to obtain the Portuguese Nationality.


B1 (Intermedium, Level2).


In this level the users of the Portuguese as a second Language are able to interact in several situations of the daily activities either at work, or at Universities and in Schools in general. It includes the ability to read, to speak, and to write at the general level. The speakers will have the ability to maintain and understand a normal conversation about work related and current issues.


B2 (Advanced, Level3 (-)


At this level the speaker has already a degree of interacting independently and with a degree of confidence in order to maintain a conversation within a great variety of situations. The speaker is able at this level to recognize the main lexicon and complex sentence structures. The speaker has already a mechanism to debate certain current topics inside of the parameters of social/culture interaction.


C1 (Advance +, Level3 (+)


At This level the speaker of the Portuguese as a second Language has a high knowledge of the Portuguese Language, it’s nuances, it’s variations, and it’ s culture diversity. At this level the speaker is able to produce and to recognize oral and written articles, government/official papers, news on TV, with great confidence. At the same time the speakers are able to write, to speak, to debate, and to negotiate on about every current issue (social, cultural, economic, environmental, diplomatic and political) within the parameters, of cultural acceptance. At this level the speakers of the Portuguese Language are able to use the Language independently at his or her workplace.